The man who invented CPR

The man who invented CPR

CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it’s a lifesaving medical procedure which is applied on a person who is in cardiac attack. This process helps to pump the blood around when the heart does not do it. In this blog, we will discover that when was CPR invented.

Till late 1950s, there was no concept of rescue against cardiac arrest in fact at that time, many casualties occurred because people didn’t have enough knowledge and they wasted the precious time waiting for the ambulance.

Back in the late 1950s, the doctors were supposed to open the whole heart of the patients just to massage it physically for the purpose of blood circulation. Still with this effort, the survival rate was not good.

During this period a young doctor came forward who was working in Baltimore- James Jude took the noticed of this problem. Dr. Jude analysed that such conditions requires quick treatment and with this thought in mind he came up with the idea to apply pressure rhythmically with the top side of the hand to the center of the chest, he believed that this technique could jump-start the heart.

So, for those who are searching when CPR did start there is an answer, in 1963, CPR was officially validated from the American Heart Association. Just after few years, this technique got popular across the world. And, since then this discovery had saved thousands of lives.

In medical history, it’s not difficult to find such life-saving medical techniques so, we should not forget the contributions of great people and we thank this great man for still saving a number of lives.