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Hand Hygiene 2


  • All clinical staff must be bare below the elbow when in clinical areas i.e. remove watches, jewellery, outdoor clothes such as coats/ jackets
  • Resources for effective hand hygiene must be provided in a clinical area (e.g. soap and water, paper towels, alcohol based hand rub etc), either fixed in a health centre or hospital, or in a portable container when out in the community

When should staff clean their hands?

All staff must clean their hands on arrival for duty, when arriving at a patient’s home, after using the toilet, before eating etc

Staff involved in clinical contact with patients must clean their hands:
before patient contact

after patient contact

before an aseptic task

after a body fluid exposure/contact

after contact with a patient’s environment

After removal of gloves

After contact with patients with known or suspected infection and/or contact with their surroundings

What can staff use to clean their hands?

Soap and water for dirty hands or when in contact with patients with diarrhoea and/or vomiting

Alcohol hand rub is used for physically clean hands, or when access to soap and water is limited due (e.g. patients home) in which case the hands should be wiped with a detergent wipe then rubbed with alcohol hand rub. Hands should be washed at the first opportunity

Aqueous antiseptic solution when undertaking surgical or aseptic procedures

How should staff clean their hands?

When washing with soap and water wet hands before applying soap; after washing rinse with running water and dry thoroughly afterward

Apply moisturiser at least daily, and when hands feel dry to protect the integrity of the skin

£ 35.00

To Secure your Seat, You are required to pay £35 of the total Course. Balance will be paid on arrival.


Course Overview


This course, otherwise known as the Advanced Course, is delivered in Ealing, and will take your phlebotomy career to the next level.


This course is perfect for phlebotomists that have been practicing for a while, and would like to learn new skills and techniques. It is also perfect for total beginners who would like to complete the course immediately after their introductory course, to give them a real leg up at the start of their career as a phlebotomist.


The course teaches one unit during one day of practical work:

Unit 4: Applying Advanced Phlebotomy Practices and Techniques

During the day, you will cover:

  • Inserting an intravenous cannula
  • Collecting blood cultures
  • Using the Aspiration System
  • Using a butterfly needle
  • Using a needle and syringe
  • Working with the veins in the back of the hand
  • Working with the veins in the foot
  • More advanced blood tests and vacutainer combinations
  • As well as having the opportunity to mix with other phlebotomists and share stories, tips and tricks



You will receive your fully accredited certificate by CPD, within 2 weeks after the end of the course.


The award is a level 3 qualification, so it is deemed to be of a similar difficulty to A Levels. It adds an extra, optional unit to the standard Phlebotomy Practices & Techniques course, so it is essential that you have completed this course, and attained the mandatory units, first.

If you have no prior experience, you can book onto our Level 3 Award: Introduction to Phlebotomy Practices & Techniques course, you can even make a long weekend of it by combining the introductory and advanced courses into a 3 day course.

If you have prior experience, it may not be necessary to complete the whole introductory course, and our refresher course may suffice.

So, if you have already completed one of our Introductory or Refresher Courses, you can book onto this course for the standard price of 249 Pounds.

If you have not completed one of these courses before, but already have previous experience, you will need to book onto a Refresher Course for an additional 99 Pounds.

If you have no previous experience, you will need to book onto our introductory course 100 pounds for an additional 249 Pounds. 

Please ensure you select the correct option in the drop down menu above. By default, you will be booked onto the the Introductory or Refresher Course in Ealing, the weekend preceding this Advanced Course, but please contact us if you would prefer to attend a different course.

If you feel you have prior learning or experience which could supersede our Introductory Course or Refresher Course, you may be able to use this to meet the minimum requirements of course entry.


You will be supplied with a factsheets about each area covered to keep and refer to, and will have full access to advice and guidance from your assessor and from our team.


The course will be held at Ealing Hospital, Uxbridge Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3HW.

Click here for a local area map or a map of Ealing hospital.

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